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1930 – Siberian Institute of Finance and Economics

  • 156 students;
  • 25 academic staff (including 9 Doctors habil. and PhDs).

1939 – Irkutsk Institute of Finance and Economics

  • 556 students;
  • 39 academic staff (including 9 Doctors habil. and PhDs).

1965 – Irkutsk Institute of National Economy

  • 7 390 students;
  • 28 PhD students;
  • 256 academic staff (including 39 Doctors habil. and PhDs).

1993 – Irkutsk State Economics Academy

  • Branch in Chita;
  • 5 862 students;
  • 46 PhD students;
  • 393 academic staff (including 39 Doctors habil. and PhDs).

2002 – Baikal State University of Economics and Law

  • 4 branches – in Chita, Bratsk, Ust-Ilimsk and Yakutsk;
  • College of Business and Law (secondary professional education);
  • 14,000 students (the overall number 20,000 including enrollment in the branches);
  • More than 700 PhD students;
  • 420 academic staff (including 72 Doctors habil. and 230 PhDs).

BSU today

  • 2 institutes – in Chita and Yakutsk, 2 branches – in Bratsk and Ust-Ilimsk;
  • college in Irkutsk – College of Baikal State University (secondary professional education);
  • 2 Colleges of Commerce and Economics in Chita and Bratsk;
  • total 26,000 students;
  • more than 700 PhD students; 7 doctorate dissertation councils;
  • 1000 academic staff (including 125 Doctors habil. and 575 PhDs);
  • 30 nicely designed and well-furnished academic buildings provided with up-to-date office appliances (300+ copy-machines, 70+ multimedia projectors, 300 whiteboards, stationary audio systems, 3 multimedia classrooms (lecture halls) equipped with telecom-systems and multimedia boards); total occupancy load is 30,000 students;
  • a health and recreation center with occupancy load of 50, a sport center with 7 sport rooms and halls, a culture and leisure center with a movie hall;
  • a computer network with 1500 PCs with free access to the Internet; a library containing 1,250,000 books; 14 reading halls;
  • a full-colour printing house; a publishing house that publishes the university newspaper and 7 scientific journals;
  • a television studio, a broadcasting network with plasma TVs throughout the university;
  • cafés and lunchrooms in all academic buildings.

Since its establishment BSU has been claiming to be a university that satisfies the demand for specialists in national economy of two vast territories – Siberia and the Russian Far East. Having gone through a series of changes and got a higher status, the university has become the largest regional university that trains highly-qualified economists and lawyers not only for Irkutsk region, but also for the Republic of Buryatia, the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic, Tyva, Transbaikal region and Mongolia. 30,000 students, 1000 academic staff, 2,500 auxiliary staff – all these comprise human capital assets of Baikal University and its branches and institutes in Chita, Yakutsk, Bratsk and Ust-Ilimsk.